Introducing Second Alpha Partners . . .

I co-founded Second Alpha Partners to provide liquidity to private capital investors. Our mission is for Second Alpha tobecome an integral element of “Grow America”. The reinvigoration of the US economy is led by small business formation which requires capital — and capital requires liquidity. Private capital has come from founders’ sweat equity, angels, venture capitalists and private equity investors. Every investor in a company expects to reach a liquidity point where they can realize the value they have created. Unfortunately, M&A and IPO’s are simply not meeting the needs of investors.

Second Alpha Partners will provide liquidity for those investors. Unlike most secondary investor in the market today, we earned our stripes making direct investments in companies, working with entrepreneurs to grow their companies, co-investing with other venture capitalists, advising management and providing strategic guidance as board members. Continue reading

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Finally Taking the Plunge

This is my first blog ever. It feels a bit like getting up on stage to give a speech for the first time. Will I speak loud enough? Will my ideas be compelling enough to capture the audience’s attention? Will I run long? As someone who has not previously felt an inclination to write, you could wonder what possesses me to want to start blogging now. Well, its about passion. I have something I feel passionate about and want to share it.

Having been a private equity and venture capital investor for my entire career, I’ve observed a growing fault line in the private capital model: the lack of liquidity for private capital. Money goes in to drive entrepreneurship and innovation and not enough money comes out in a timely manner. This state of affairs, now protracted over many years, has led me to focus my efforts as an investor on finding ways to grow the secondary market for private equity. Continue reading